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In its 88-year story, the mission of our institute has been to carry out excellence research in fundamental and applied physical chemistry, contributing to the scientific training of several generations of researchers at the highest level. Our vision is to be an international reference in multidisciplinary research focused on the resolution of the present challenges of our society in the fields of health, biotechnology, new materials, and environment.



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Over the years, many different species in nature have adapted to their habitats by evolving suitable surface functionalities.

Visita del Presidente de la IUPAC al Instituto Rocasolano

Our environment does not cover any longer the energy demand of humankind. Such demand is jeopardized by irresponsible management of resources, waste of energy, and pollution caused by fossil fuels.

Graphene promises many fascinating applications, also in advanced batteries. Its interaction with Li is therefore essential. We study the real-time dynamics of Li deposition on “native” epitaxial graphene islands on Ru(0001)

Light is a crucial environmental signal and energy source that determines many metabolic, developmental, and behavioral processes in most living organisms.

High-resolution molecular structure determination is a critical step to understanding and engineering biological, organic, and inorganic material systems.

CRISPR loci and CRISPR-associated (Cas) genes encode an adaptive immune system that protects many bacterial and almost all archaea against invasive genetic elements from bacteriophages and plasmids.

Publishing research in well-known scientific journals is one of the most prominent ways that researchers build their reputation within their community and allow the wide dissemination and access to their work.