Scientists from the IQFR report in Nature Communications a multidisciplinar and collaborative study that shows at molecular level an innovative strategy to improve synapse function in neurodegenerative diseases

Scientist at IQFR report in JACS UV-Vis absorption spectra and cross sections of gas-phase Hg(I) radicals. The results show for the first time that atmospheric photoreduction of Hg(I) radicals can occur.

Scientists from the IQFR, the Univ. of Bergen and CNIO report in PNAS the atomic structure of phenylalanine hydroxylase, a human enzyme responsible of the phenylketonuria disease.

Vitamin B12-based photoreceptors and their applications in optogenetics and synthetic biology highlighted in an invited review by members of IQFR and Dpto. Genética-Universidad de Murcia (Unidad Asociada al IQFR)

Scientists from the IQFR, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the Univ. Of Bloomington Indiana have characterized the structure of the extracellular domain of FtsX, an essential protein in the bacterial division.

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