The frontispiece of the journal Chemistry Eur J highlights the adaptability of gemcitabine.

Researcher from the IQFR-CSIC publishes a comprehensive review article on recent advances of the time-resolved serial crystallography technique at synchrotron radiation sources in Crystals journal.

Scientists from the IQFR and Univ. Complutense of Madrid have synthesized and characterized the first phasing agent designed for solving protein structures at the maximum intensity of the synchrotron facilities.

Scientists from the IQFR and the University of Oxford reveal how a family of proteins, essential for inositide and phosphate metabolism in eukaryotes, act on three types of key compounds.

The journal Chemistry Eur J highlights in its cover the first structure of a new type of DNA/ligand complex where selective recognition of interfaces between different DNA secondary structures is observed for the first time.