Scientists from the IQFR and University of Greifswald publish in the journal JMB the structure of PnrA, a protein of the ABC-transporter system that binds different types of nucleotides and reveal its involvement in virulence

The atmospheric chemistry of mercury, a global priority pollutant, is key to its transport and deposition to the surface environment. Assessments of its risks to humans and ecosystems rely on an accurate understanding of global mercury cycling.

E- RIHS is an infrastructure for the development of research in cultural heritage that will support excellence in heritage sciences research projects.

Measurements in the central Arctic show that iodine forms particles that grow to cloud condensation nuclei.

Members of the IQFR Protein NMR Group collaborate with the International COVID19-NMR Consortium ( The goals of this Consortium are to characterize all SARS-CoV-2 RNAs and proteins by NMR spectroscopy.