Scientists from IQFR and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences publish in the journal mBio the structure of FtsE, an essential machinery in the process of bacterial division.

Laboratory experiments show the transition between iodine precursor gas phase molecules and molecular clusters of growing size.

The Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform “Open Heritage: Research and Society” (PTI-PAIS), coordinated from Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano, has received a very positive assessment from the Scientific Advisory Committee.


Simulations at the air-water interface shows that IONO2 does not react directly with iodine acids, but forms a halogen bond, for the first time proposed to occur on an atmospheric aqueous surface.


Researchers at IQFR have developed, in collaboration with other CIBERES research groups, a new microarray application for the detection in serum of antibodies specific against different pneumococcal serotypes