In mixed metal oxides we find, using maps of their composition acquired while growth takes place, that the nucleation of a new phase can trigger a compositional change in the previously present phase.

This study presents the first observation of an important intermediate in the oxidation of DMS, a compound naturally emitted from the oceans that produces sulfate aerosols, which in turn affect cloud formation and climate.

We have described the mechanism by which the protein CIPK23 preserve cell ion requirements in plants under stress conditions

In this study, we propose the first complete mechanism of photochemical and thermal conversion between Hg(0) and the Hg(I) and Hg(II) species involved in the global atmospheric mercury cycle.

Natural halogens are estimated to destroy 10–20 % of tropospheric O3. This study uses an Earth system model to project varying natural halogen emissions and investigate their impact on tropospheric O3 over the 21st century.