Very short-lived halogens amplify recent past and future ozone depleting trends in the tropical stratosphere

La división bacteriana es un proceso celular esencial estrechamente regulado por el complejo de membrana FtsEX. La estructura del supercomplejo FtsEX:EnvC:AmiB proporciona información fundamental sobre este proceso.

This study reconstructs the Arctic mercury biogeochemical cycle during the Glacial-Holocene transition, revealing a three-fold increase in mercury levels in the early Holocene, which coincided with abrupt climate warming.

The magnetic anisotropy on three atomic layers thick islands of Co on Ru(0001) are studied by spin-polarized low-energy electron microscopy (SPLEEM) finding a change of two orders of magnitude with the change from fcc to hcp..

This study reveals the presence of gas-phase chloric and perchloric acids in the Arctic atmosphere.