Collaboration between IQFR scientists, CBM Severo Ochoa center and the Vigo and A Coruña Universities, together with Galchimia company, reveals unprecedent characteristics in a thermophile esterase, obtained from a hot spring

Javier Oroz and Douglas Laurents, from the "Manuel Rico" NMR laboratory, have characterized structural transitions in Orb2, a functional prion which is key for memory consolidation in Drosophila.

A joint collaboration between ten research groups unveils a resistance mechanism of the pathogen bacteria involved in colorectal cancer Fusobacterium nucleatum.


These observations provide evidence of autocatalytic iodine release from atmospheric aerosol

Researchers at IQFR-CSIC and EMBL (France) publish a special issue, which gathers the latest developments in the field of serial femtosecond crystallography (SFX) at XFEL facilities.