Board and commissions

Governing Board

Maximum governing body of the institute

Carlos González Ibáñez

Rebeca de Nalda Mínguez

Beatriz González Pérez

Marta Granja Perdices (Manager)

Armando Albert de la Cruz (Head of the Dept. of Crystallography and Structural Biology)

Eva González Noya (Head of the Dept. of Low Dimensionality Systems, Surfaces and Condensed Matter)

Alfonso Sáiz López (Head of the Dept. of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate)

María Ángeles Jiménez López (Head of the Dept. of Biological Physical Chemistry)

Mohamed Oujja (Staff representative)

Jesús López Mascaraque (Staff representative)

Plácido Galindo Iranzo (Staff representative)

Carolina García Rodríguez (Staff representative)

Institutional e-mail:

Scientific Commission

Discusses and advises the Directorate on scientific aspects of the institute

Carlos González Ibáñez

Rebeca de Nalda Mínguez

Beatriz Gonzalez Pérez

Armando Albert de la Cruz

Marta Castillejo Striano

Alfonso Saiz López

María Ángeles Jiménez López  

Seminar committee

Organizes seminar cycles and distributes information from other centers

José Miguel Mancheño Gómez

Esther Rebollar González

Institutional e-mail:

Biosafety Commission

In charge of biosecurity rules, advises the Directorate and maintains contact with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment regarding genetically modified organisms

Beatriz González Pérez (Head of Commission)

Miguel Treviño Avellaneda (Secretary)

Carolina García Rodríguez

María Angustias Gasset Vega

Margarita Menéndez Fernández

Jose Manuel Pérez Cañadillas

María José Sanchez Barrena

Commission on Work Risk Prevention

Promotes and controls concrete measures on safety at work

Rosa Lebrón Aguilar

David Pantoja Uceda

Mohamed Oujja

Beatriz González Pérez 

Marta Granja Perdices 

Comission of equality


Irene Gómez Pinto

Javier Oroz

Beatriz González Pérez