This review article discusses the impact of AlphaFold2 and how this machine learning program can work together with NMR spectroscopy to advance protein structural biology.

The SO3 + HONO2 reaction can be a potential removal reaction for SO3 in the stratosphere and for HONO2 in the troposphere

Flow tube laboratory experiments that show both IxOy and HIO3 are involved in atmospheric new particle formation, thereby solving a long-standing question about the mechanism of iodine gas-to-particle conversion.

Reactive halogen species, not considered in climate models, significantly affect the future prediction of methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) by reducing its loss, increasing its lifetime, burden, and radiative forcing.

Graphene promises many fascinating applications, also in advanced batteries. Its interaction with Li is therefore essential. We study the real-time dynamics of Li deposition on “native” epitaxial graphene islands on Ru(0001)