Observations in the central Arctic indicate that iodine chemistry plays a major role in controlling tropospheric ozone over the pan-Arctic region.

Anna Mandziak, actualmente investigadora en el sicnrotrón Solaris de Polonia y que realizó su tesis doctoral en el IQFR ha recibido el 3er premio AUSE a la mejor tesis doctoral usando radiación sincrotrón.

The proposed reactions for efficient sulfur particles formation may help to understand the long sought-after identity of the enigmatic ultraviolet absorber on the atmosphere of Venus.

Magnetite shows the famous Verwey phase transition at 120 K, the first reported metal-insulator transition (in the 1940s). But what happens in nanostructures? We analyze highly perfect magnetite crystals with heights of nm’s.

We identify substrate steps as the origin of the pinning of magnetic domain walls in highly perfect epitaxial microislands. This explains the poor magnetic properties often shown by thin films and nanostructures.