Seminario impartido por el Dr. Jose Requejo-Isidro

Biological membranes are complex mixtures of lipids that self-assemble in an aqueous environment due to hydrophobic forces and non-covalent interactions, giving rise to specific membrane collective properties. As a consequence, the functional outcome of membrane-mediated molecular events is governed not only by the chemical species involved in the interaction, but also by the membrane physical properties. Understanding how molecular events are determined by the biomembrane physical properties will allow optimisation of the functional outcome of molecular encounters at the interface through careful modulation of the biomembrane physical properties. Our general objective is to unravel the critical role the biomembrane physical properties play in the functional outcome of molecular events at the biomembrane. Our research strategy is based on the quantitative description of molecular events at the single molecule level using single-molecule imaging spectroscopy with advanced statistical analysis.


Ponente del seminario: Dr. Jose Requejo-Isidro
Fecha del seminario: 25/10/2023 12:00
Lugar del seminario: Salón de actos IQF