Graphene promises many fascinating applications, also in advanced batteries. Its interaction with Li is therefore essential. We study the real-time dynamics of Li deposition on “native” epitaxial graphene islands on Ru(0001)

Li metal has been deposited on the surface of a Ru(0001) single crystal containing patches of monolayer-thick epitaxial graphene islands. The use of low-energy electron microscopy and diffraction allowed us to in-situ monitor the process by measuring the local work function as well as to study the system in real and reciprocal space, comparing the changes taking place on the graphene with those on the bare Ru(0001) surface. It is found that Li deposition decreases the work function of the graphene islands but to a much smaller degree than of the Ru(0001) surface, as corresponds to its intercalation below the graphene overlayer. Finally, the diffusion process of Li out of the graphene islands has been monitored by photoelectron microscopy using a visible-light laser. J.E. Prieto, M.A. González-Barrio, E. García-Martín, G.D. Soria, L. Morales de la Garza, J. de la Figuera, "Dynamics of Li deposition on epitaxial graphene/Ru(0001) islands", Applied Surface Science 593, 153274 (2022).


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