The SO3 + HONO2 reaction can be a potential removal reaction for SO3 in the stratosphere and for HONO2 in the troposphere

Atmospheric SO3 is an important intermediate in the formation of sulfuric acid, which is a critical component of acid rain, the stratospheric aerosol layer, new particle formation and secondary aerosol. The formation of gaseous H2SO4 proceeds through the reaction of SO3 + 2H2O. While this reaction has been subject of several laboratory studies, additional removal mechanisms of SO3 are largely unknown and are the motivation of this work. The new SO3 + HONO2 reaction can potentially compete well with the SO3 + 2H2O reaction between 25 and 35 kms in the atmosphere, as well as the OH + HONO2 reaction. We also suggest the potential for SO3 reactions with organic acids to generate organosulfates without the need for heterogeneous chemistry. Bo Long, Yu Xia, Javier Carmona-García, Juan Carlos Gómez Martín, John M. C. Plane, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Daniel Roca-Sanjuán and Joseph S. Francisco. Reaction of SO3 with HONO2 and implications for sulfur partitioning in the atmosphere. JACS, DOI: