2016 - 2017

El ciclo de seminarios 2016-2017 reunió a 18 investigadores de prestigio en diversas áreas científicas de interés para los investigadores del IQFR y otros investigadores del CSIC y Universidades.

Organizadores: José Miguel Mancheño y Rebeca de Nalda

Lugar y fecha: 12h, 5 de abril de 2017, Salón de actos del IQFR.

A force microscopy perspective of atoms, cells and beyond

Ricardo Garcia

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC

ricardo garcia

This contribution aims to provide an overview of some recent developments as well as some of the challenges faced by force microscopy in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The presentation is divided in four sections. The first section provides a brief introduction to the physics that control the performance of a force microscope. The second section describes some applications to generate high resolution maps (atomic, molecular or nanoscale) of different materials including proteins, cells, polymers, metal-organic frameworks or 2D materials. Those maps combine topography and nanomechanical properties. The third section presents a method to generate three dimensional and atomically-resolved maps of solid-liquid interfaces. The last section illustrates how the nanoscale control afforded by scanning probe microscopes  has enabled the development of scanning probe-based patterning methods.

 ricardo garcia1