Among the (+)ssRNA eukaryotic viruses, flexible filamentous plant viruses are plant pathogens that contain a monopartite (+)ssRNA genome protected by hundreds of copies of their coat protein (CP) arranged in helical mode.

Sphingolipids (SL) are ubiquitous minor lipids in mammalian cell membranes, yet there is little data on the behavior of cells under SL-restriction conditions.

Presentamos una nueva actividad de la Cátedra Julio Palacios, con el Profesor Harald Andrés Helfgott como invitado, el matemático que ha resuelto recientemente la conjetura de Goldbach (1742)

Next Friday 18th of June we shall celebrate the 7th edition of the IQFR Young Researchers' Symposium.

Cells have two purine pathways that synthesize adenine and guanine ribonucleotides from phosphoribose via inosylate. A chemical hybrid between adenine and guanine, 2-aminoadenine (Z), replaces adenine in viral DNAs.