The next edition of the Coloquio Curie will take place next Friday Dec. 14, with the conference by professor Modesto Orozco, from the Institute for Research on Biomedicine (Barcelona).

Nearly two decades after the deciphering of human genome we are facing a new challenge: understanding how this one dimensional information is folded in the cellular nucleus, and how such a folding regulates the expression of DNA making a single 1D copy of genomic information able to code the activity of a myriad of different cells subject to a lethora of diverse biological conditions. I will summarize in my talk how theory and simulation can help us learn about the structure of the DNA and how this information will allow to move forward in our chemical understanding of life.

Fecha del seminario: 14/12/2018 12:00

Lugar del seminario: Salón de Actos Edificio Central CSIC

Ponente del seminario: Modesto Orozco