In collaboration with BRUKER Española S.A., the SEBBM has awarded Dr. Antonio Chaves-Sanjuán with the “José Tormo” Prize 

for his work published in PNAS in 2017 and performed at Dr MJ Sánchez-Barrena Lab from the Dept. of Crystallography and Structural Biology, Institute “Rocasolano”.

This prize gives recognition to the best piece of work performed by a young researcher in a Spanish laboratory, and published during 2016-2017 in any of the areas related to Structural Biology. Dr. Chaves-Sanjuán will give a conference entitled “Las fenotiazinas regulan la función sináptica interfiriendo en la formación del complejo NCS-1/Ric8a: Un nuevo enfoque para el síndrome X frágil” at the XL Congress of the SEBBM, that will be held in Barcelona (23rd-26th October 2017).