The "Junior Leader -Retaining" program of La Caixa is aimed at hiring excellent researchers, supporting the best talents to foster their independent scientific career as an option for future employment

Enrique Lomba receives the CSIC’s acknowledgment for his recent awards: “Outstanding Referee for the Journals of the American Physical Society”, and the HPC Admintech 2018 award to “His entire career

The NMR specialised group (GERMN) from RSEQ has awarded Héctor Zamora-Carreras, ex-member of the IQFR’s NMR group, with the prize to the “best NMR thesis” defended in the 2016/2017 academic year.

Maria Escudero Escribano, who was recently named winner of the Princess of Girona Foundation Scientific Research Award, will give a seminar on Wed 11th at 12:00 with the title “Tailored Electrochemical Interfaces for Sustainable Energy Conversion”. 

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