Scientists at IQFR publish in Nature Communications a new atmospheric Hg photoreduction process that changes how this contaminant is transported and deposited over terrestrial ecosystems.

Scientists from the Rocasolano Institute and the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany have published a comprehensive study describing the malignant action of an Hsp90 co-chaperone in Alzheimer's pathogenesis

Scientists at IQFR and the University of Nebraska publish a theoretical paper in the journal JACS with the proposal of a new mechanistic framework for the formation and growth of iodine aerosols in the atmosphere.

Scientists from the Rocasolano Institute of Physical Chemistry and McGill University in Montreal have just published a review on this fascinanting DNA structure in Nucleic Acids Research

A multidisciplinar study published in J. Med. Chem. by IQFR researchers has revealed key structural insights for the regulation of the NCS-1/Ric8a protein/protein interaction with small molecules. This has led to the discovery of a drug-like compound with promissing prospect for fragile X syndrome pharmacotherapy.