Vitamin B12-based photoreceptors and their applications in optogenetics and synthetic biology highlighted in an invited review by members of IQFR and Dpto. Genética-Universidad de Murcia (Unidad Asociada al IQFR)

Scientists from the IQFR, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the Univ. Of Bloomington Indiana have characterized the structure of the extracellular domain of FtsX, an essential protein in the bacterial division.

Científicos del IQFR han desarrollado nuevas aplicaciones de la tecnología de los microarrays que facilitan el estudio de interacciones bacteria-hospedador mediadas por carbohidratos.

Scientists from the IQFR and the UCLM have published the 1st characterization by NMR of the snow flea antifreeze protein which is formed exclusively of polyproline II helices & is crucially stabilized by Cα-H ||| O=C H-bonds.

Scientists at IQFR and the University of Gothenburg show in Nature Communications that Antarctic winter sea ice produces organic bromine compounds in the absence of sunlight.