This study reveals the presence of gas-phase chloric and perchloric acids in the Arctic atmosphere.

The sequence TC5 (TCCCCC) adopts a tetrameric i-motif structure upon the association of four molecules at acidic pH. Researchers from the IQFR-CSIC and McGill have found that T(araF-C)5 forms an alternative conformation.

The protein Tau acts to stabilize microtubules but forma aberrant tangles in Alzheimer’s disease. This process appears to start from an expanded monomeric conformation.

Lectins from fungal fruiting bodies face the biologically relevant challenge of discriminating self- from non-self carbohydrate structures, therefore providing the basis for an innate defense system.

Certain sequences of our genome can adopt an unusual structure, known as i-DNA, which is able to change its structure to adapt to the environmental pH.