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In its 88-year story, the mission of our institute has been to carry out excellence research in fundamental and applied physical chemistry, contributing to the scientific training of several generations of researchers at the highest level. Our vision is to be an international reference in multidisciplinary research focused on the resolution of the present challenges of our society in the fields of health, biotechnology, new materials, and environment.



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Exhibition ends 11.19 at the Museo de Ciencias of the Universidad de Navarra and 11.30 at the Librería Científica of CSIC in Madrid. 

La PTI-PAIS del CSIC organiza el Primer Encuentro de Transferencia Tecnológica en Patrimonio Cultural con investigadores, empresas, universidades y museos

Del 2 al 15 de noviembre se celebra la Semana de la Ciencia y la Innovación 2020 en la que el IQFR participa con varios encuentros online con investigadores.

E- RIHS is an infrastructure for the development of research in cultural heritage that will support excellence in heritage sciences research projects.

Combinando un conjunto de presentaciones cortas con reuniones bilaterales entre investigadores y profesionales, este primer evento de transferencia tecnológica de la PTI-PAIS cierra con gran éxito su primera edición

Measurements in the central Arctic show that iodine forms particles that grow to cloud condensation nuclei.

Members of the IQFR Protein NMR Group collaborate with the International COVID19-NMR Consortium ( The goals of this Consortium are to characterize all SARS-CoV-2 RNAs and proteins by NMR spectroscopy.

Scientists from IQFR and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences publish in the journal mBio the structure of FtsE, an essential machinery in the process of bacterial division.