Research groups
Open Panel

Active research groups at the IQFR:

  • Atmospheric chemistry and climate (AC2)

  • Bioconformatics and protein assemblies (MG)

  • Chromatography and photolysis (FyC)

  • Crystalography and structural biology (XTAL)

  • Energetics, structure and molecular reactions (EER)

  • Laser materials and interaction laser-materials (MLILM)

  • Lasers, nanostructures and materials processing (LANAMAP)

  • Molecular biophysics and fluorescence (FLUOR)

  • Nucleic acids NMR (RMN-NA)

  • Protein structure and thermodynamics (MABIO)

  • Protein structure, dynamics and interactions by NMR (RMN-prot)

  • Statistical mechanics and condensed matter (SMCM)

  • Surface analysis and Mössbauer (SURFMOSS)

  • Structural bioinformatics (CHACONLAB)


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