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The institute of chemical physics "Rocasolano" was created by the " Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas" (CSIC) on the 1st of March 1946.


The building was financed by the International Educational Board of the Rockefeller Foundation. The inauguration of the building took place on the 6th of March 1932 and housed the " Instituto Nacional de Física y Química " (The National Institute for Physics and Chemistry). "Alonso Barba" Institute for chemistry and the "Alonso de Santa Cruz" Institute for physics, both originally situated in the building of the Instituto Nacional de Física y Química. The Institute for Chemical Physics originates from the chemical physics section of the "Alonso Barba" Institute and assumed the name "Antonio de Gregorio Rocasolano". For practical reasons the Institute became known as the "Rocasolano". The first director of the "Rocasolano" was D. Antonio Rius Miró.


institutoA01The institute was created with the progress made in the German universities of the day in mind. The institute "Rocasolano" has played a major role in the development of chemical physics in Spain. Scientists trained in the institute have gone on to form various university departments for chemistry and chemical physics. The institute has also given birth to new CSIC institutes; such as that of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, the Structure of Materials, Mathematics and Fundamental Physics.
The chemical physics library situated within the institute can be said to be one of the best in its field. It has many complete collections of scientific journals, some of which were started in the 19th century.


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   Dr. Antonio Rius Miró (1946-1972)


   Dr. Juan F. Llopis Mari (1970-1972)


   Dr. Manuel Colomina Barberá (1972-1976)


   Dr. José Herranz Gonzalez (1977-1979)


  Dr. Francisco Colom Polo (1979-1992)


  Dr. Alberto Ulises Acuña Fernández (1993)


  Dr. José Antonio G. Domínguez (1994-2001)


   Dra. Margarita Martín Muñoz (2002-2005)


   Dr. Enrique Lomba García (2006-2013 )

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