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iqfr enThe Institute of Physical Chemistry "Rocasolano" (IQFR) is located at the seat of the former National Institute of Physics and Chemistry, that in the period 1932-1936 spearheaded Spanish science. These days, the research interests of the IQFR range from fundamental aspects of physical chemistry to nanoscience and atmospheric chemistry or the application of physical-chemical techniques to problems of biological interest. Our research priorities include a variety of subjects, such as structural biology, functional biophysics, chemical kinetics and reactivity, computational chemistry and physics, laser design and applications, or surface structure and chemistry, together with other topics connected to interdisciplinary research in the field materials science and nanotechnology and the molecular basis of biological processes.



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IQFR Seminar Series: Javier Garcia de Abajo (12/06/2017)

Speaker: Javier García de Abajo

Affiliation: ICFO-Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques (Barcelona)

Title: Plasmon resonances at the atomic scale: from 2D materials to small molecules

Assembly Hall IQFR

Monday 12 June, 12:30 h

Abstract - J Garcia de Abajo

Foto JGdeAbajo

IQFR Seminar Series: Juan Rojo (24/05/2017)

Speaker: Juan Rojo

Instituto IMDEA-Nanociencia

Title: Life is hard without surfaces

Assembly Hall IQFR. Wednesday 24th May, 12:00h.

Abstract - Juan Rojo


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