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iqfr enThe Institute of Physical Chemistry "Rocasolano" (IQFR) is located at the seat of the former National Institute of Physics and Chemistry, that in the period 1932-1936 spearheaded Spanish science. These days, the research interests of the IQFR range from fundamental aspects of physical chemistry to nanoscience and atmospheric chemistry or the application of physical-chemical techniques to problems of biological interest. Our research priorities include a variety of subjects, such as structural biology, functional biophysics, chemical kinetics and reactivity, computational chemistry and physics, laser design and applications, or surface structure and chemistry, together with other topics connected to interdisciplinary research in the field materials science and nanotechnology and the molecular basis of biological processes.


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Dr. Antonio Chaves-Sanjuán awarded with the 2017 “José Tormo” Prize of the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tormo Prize 2017In collaboration with BRUKER Española S.A., the SEBBM has awarded Dr. Antonio Chaves-Sanjuán with the “José Tormo” Prize for his work published in PNAS in 2017 and performed at Dr MJ Sánchez-Barrena Lab from the Dept. of Crystallography and Structural Biology, Institute “Rocasolano”.

This prize gives recognition to the best piece of work performed by a young researcher in a Spanish laboratory, and published during 2016-2017 in any of the areas related to Structural Biology. Dr. Chaves-Sanjuán will give a conference entitled “Las fenotiazinas regulan la función sináptica interfiriendo en la formación del complejo NCS-1/Ric8a: Un nuevo enfoque para el síndrome X frágil” at the XL Congress of the SEBBM, that will be held in Barcelona (23rd-26th October 2017).



“Leonardo” fellowship from Fundación BBVA granted to Dr. María José Sánchez Barrena

mariajosesanchez bbvaDr. M.J. Sánchez-Barrena, contracted researcher at Institute “Rocasolano”, has been awarded with a very competitive “Leonardo” fellowship from the BBVA Foundation. She will be able to continue her research on synapse alterations (contact among neurons) that are present, among others, in pathologies such as Alzheimer´s, dementia or Huntington disease. Her research is aimed to design molecules that are able to restore these contacts, avoiding memory loss and improving cognitive ability in earlier stages of the disease.
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