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The Rocasolano Machine Shop has as a main function making prototypes, mechanism and modifications of instruments for the different groups of the institute. This shop has been part of the institute since the original inauguration of the National Institute of Physics and Chemistry in 1932, as photos of that era attest, and underlying its role in the experimental work performed at the institute.


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People and Contact

Nowadays the machine shop team is comprised by:

The Machine Shop is located at the back of the main building in an annex (door 401). The interal phone is 961502, and the external (direct) phone is 91 7459568.

External work can be contracted. For details, please contact us.



The Machine Shop has a variety of machine tools. They are all up to the latest safety and health standards and include lathes, tig welding,milling machines, and several cutting tools.  

Here two lathes are shown, where pieces as large as 50cm han been produced.

equipo torno2 equipo torno1

 We note that the Machine Shop has produced pieces out of refractory metals such as molybdenum.

equipo fresa1 equipo fresa2 equipo corte


equipo cizalla equipo sierra



We single out some works related to high and ultra-high vacuum such as vacuum chambers, flanges, manipulators and transfer systems. Also a variety of optical supports and pieces related to laser equipment, such as holders, positioners, and even full optical tables.

Here on the left a ultra-high vacuum manipulator is shown, and on the right a complete growth chamber for magnetron sputtering. The chamber is working at the Surface Analysis and Mössbauer spectroscopy group (SURFMOSS).

pieza manipulador pieza campana sputtering


pieza transferencia pieza campanaHV

This vacuum chamber was fully built at our shop and is used in the growth of materials by pulsed laser deposition at the Laser, nanostructures and material processing Group (LANAMAP).

 pieza campanaPLD

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